El Rincón de Yegen

El Rincón de Yegen


The Alpujarras

The Alpujarras collection of whitewashed villages on the southern flank of the Sierra Nevada, cloven by deep, sheltered valleys and gorges which run down towards the Mediterranean.
It is famous throughout Spain because of its unique mini-ecology. Its terraced farmlands are constantly watered by the melting snow from above, constituting a high-altitude oasis of greenery which stands in dramatic contrast to the arid foothills below.


ALpujarra has a history as rich as any key region in the south: invaded by the carthans, the iberians, and the goths, many of the peculiartities of architecture and topology in Alpujarra have been caused by one particular period: Moorish spain and the caliphate of Cordoba.

During more then 800 years, the ummayad dynasty reached over the whole Iberian Peninsula. You can see the influence to the day. Theremakrable chimneytops remind of of the berber architecture, while the water collection system are still using foundation layed byMoors. Also note the distict Arabic sounding topology: Ugijar, Mecina, Al-pujarra, Mecina Alfahar. visiting the cities, you cansometimes notice the curches being built on top of mosques.


Walking trails


Situated deep in the high alpujarras, with it’sspectacular views and unbriddled nature, we can reccomend hiking to discover magical hidden away places. Below are listed some of the local hiking trails.

Apart from the local trails, Yegen lies on the GR-7, the Gran reccorido, a path that goes from Tarifa all the way south of spain to France.

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Gerald Brenan Trail

One of the most spectacular routes of the Alpujarra of Granada takes place through chestnut trees and groves of different species and diverse crops with wonderful landscapes. It is a route often walked by Gerald Brenan, a late local famous writer, when in need of inspiration. Let his memory guide you over the path, where you might see some wild ibex or an occasional small snake.

Length: 2.17 mi
Duration: 45 min
Difficulty: moderate


Ugijar - Camino de Yegen

This circular route is in the municipality of Ugíjar, belonging to the Province of Granada in the Community of Andalusia, and is located in the central part of the Alpujarra.  The trail begins at the building of the Cultural Heritage Center of the Alpujarra, heads towards the Ugíjar river through Santa Lucia and crosses it to begin the ascent through the Barranco del Diablo .

Length: 12.58 mi
Duration: 4.5 h
Difficulty: moderate


Source of Health trail

In the short distance that this trail has, you will be surprised by the diversity of places you will find. On the ascent, you cross uncultivated lands and then descend, under the shade of old chestnut trees. While walking through this colorful path, you will see different farmhouses, some old and others more recent, that merge with the Sierra. Half way through one finds the Source of Health, that give name to this path. Finally, you will pass through a beautiful oak grove until you reach the road that joins Yegen with Valor and end up again at El rincon de Yegen’

Length: 8.5 mi
Duration: 3 h
Difficulty: easy